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About Us

Mission: The mission of Pro-Elder Consulting, LLC is to improve quality of life for older adults and their significant others by partnering with them in managing care, planning for the future, and advocating on their behalf. Pro-Elder Consulting, LLC promotes independence and maintenance of community connections while brokering services and providing individualized culturally competent care. We help people manage during times of illness or transition points when they may need additional support, assisting them to live active, meaningful lives despite health challenges or changes in memory and physical abilities. We educate about care options, assist older adults to prevent illness and injury, provide social enrichment, and collaborate with and support the health care team and client support system to maintain or restore optimum health and functioning. We advocate for choice, individuality, and independence and we promote dignified end-of-life care.

Values: Pro-Elder Consulting, LLC is a small private Aging Life Care™ management practice located in Bangor, Maine that engenders trust and a sense of security in old age. Our services are based on the values of caring, respect, knowledge, prevention, health, dignity, and cultural diversity. Pro-Elder Consulting will increasingly contribute to an inclusive society where community connections are maintained in old age and where older people and their significant others have care choices that honor diverse lifestyles and maintain independence.

Vision: Pro-Elder Consulting, LLC will continue to take a leading role in developing, identifying, and providing trend-setting Aging Life care™ services that allow older adults and their significant others to do what they need to do and to have peace of mind about the future.



Eastman MarthaMartha A. Eastman, PhD, NP-C, CMC is certified in care management by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers. She has over thirty years experience in nursing and has worked for 10 years in long term care and assisted-living for people with dementia. She earned her BS in nursing and MS in community health nursing at Boston University and her PhD in history and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Nursing at the University of Maine. She has been a member of the Aging Life Care™ Association since 2003.

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The Pear Tree is a symbol of health, friendship and longevity.


Pro-Elder Consulting's community involvement includes a commitment to raising funds to improve research and services for health conditions affecting many older adults.  Please consider supporting the following organizations.